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Get Found First: How to Optimize Your Custom-Built Website for SEO

Get Found First: How to Optimize Your Custom-Built Website for SEO

So, you have put a lot of time, effort, and resources into building a custom-built website for your business. Now what? The expectation is that your new website will skyrocket your sales and your business will get all the attention it deserves. And it will, but only if you can optimize it correctly to increase the traffic to your website.


People will only buy what they see, and search engine optimization will increase your website's visibility by enhancing Google ranking. Without it, not many would come to know of your business or the website, no matter how fabulous it might be.


Here are some ways to optimize the SEO for your custom-built website.

Adding a Chatbot

If you have tailor-made the website to meet your business needs specifically, you should lose no opportunity to engage with your customers when they visit your website. Adding a chatbot using AI tools will help you answer your customer’s queries, even if they are from a different time zone. Your prompt service will snowball into good reviews, and they will provide backlinks to your website that is bound to increase the visibility of your website.

Using Blogs

One of the advantages of building a customized website is that you can meet your customer’s demands on many levels. You can add a blog section to your website that will provide key insights about the products and services you aim to offer. The blogs can have links to the related services and products sections that will allow users to browse through your website further and induce them to make a purchase.

Engaging Forums

You can provide your customers a ground to come together and use your website as a platform to engage with one another. Building a community of your customers will allow them to discuss shared interests. This differs from communicating with your clients and customers over a third-party social media account.


Your forum will be meant for dedicated customers, who will become your biggest cheerleaders. They will spread the word about your website and provide links to the services and products they like, bringing in more customers in turn. You can use it as a valuable tool for customer retention and acquisition.

Creating Unique Content

Since you have a custom-built website, you have the liberty to make each page as unique as possible. Google ranks these websites high on the search engine because it looks for relevant content. Duplicate content is flagged, and plagiarism from other websites can hurt the rankings in a big way. The Google algorithm is also designed to detect fluff and outdated content. Try to reinvent and update your content occasionally, use appropriate keywords, and use authority links to increase the ranking of your page. 


At The Lively Co, we strive to make website designing and SEO easy and simple for our clients and provide the best possible results. Our team will work on your website to increase its search rankings using specialized tools and techniques. Leave it to our experts to work on your website so that you can concentrate on your business. Call us today and get started on your path to creating a custom-built website for your business with superior SEO.