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You are a confident & highly successful seven figure business owner who knows every single in & out of her business and exactly the next steps to take to meet her next goal. 🤑 jk- that person doesn’t exist & do NOT let the internet convince you otherwise. 🥸

you are however, on your way to being a successful business owner, but you got a little scrambled on the way. 🍳

you know the potential is there, but you’re just not quite sure how to reach it on your own.  🚀

you have rough drafted but not replicable processes & you would like to hire someone but simply couldn’t train them to do all the things you do for your business.  📝

you have a message you want to share, but you don’t have marketing or your business feels sizable but not scalable. 📣

[enter stage left] 🎭


Welcome to The Lively Co! 

I'm Emma Lively & I'm incredibly passionate about helping business owners like you thrive & succeed in today's dynamic marketplace. Growing up in a family-owned retail store, I understand the challenges you face as an entrepreneur, and that's why I started TLC... 

or at least that's what chatGPT told me to say on my about me page...

I try really hard not to be corny, but sometimes I'm worried being candid makes it sound like I'm trying to be unique✨ - I'm not. I am passionate, and I did grow up in a family owned business, but I'm not special.

I just know what I'm good at, what I like doing- and more importantly, imo, what I don't like doing. 

I hate the facade of corporate lingo & the total BS that comes with being someone else's employee. 🥴  I'm so type A it hurts sometimes but I am not immune to self doubt or self sabotage. 

What I have learned in my years of being in business, working on businesses & scaling my own business to six-figures (shameless plug) is that sh*t gets messy - and fast. I'm confident enough to say I know a thing or two about how to take big & scary ideas and move with bold & persistent conviction to create a life that is uniquely mine (which-yes, still includes a daily dose of imposter syndrome). 🤩

I don't believe in altruism- helping other businesses grow brings me joy & while I get to help you make your life a little more lively, I'm reaping my own benefits like going to the gym (at 2 pm), working from home (in an XXL t-shirt), and getting paid while I do so (pants-less).  💪🏼😻🚀

I'm not here to help you make your life more like mine- I'm here to help you make it feel more like yours. If you are tried of feeling like you're on the verge of growth but your stars just won't align, 💫 like your business & ideas can't escape the rough draft phase, 📝 or like you've tried every angle but just can't square things away... 🫨

just LMK 🥹