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What is

Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) makes your website more visible to more people and drives traffic to your site. When potential customers search for businesses like yours, a properly optimized site is closer to the top of the page making it more likely to get clicks and customers that convert to cash.

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What's life like without SEO?


You’re missing 75% of all traffic if you’re not in the Top 3 search results on Google. Second page results get less than 5% of clicks, page three about 1%.  

no leads

You’re wasting money and effort attracting unqualified, uninterested traffic unless you have content that targets specific keywords to generate high-quality leads. 

no conversions

When visitors can’t find exactly what they’re searching for on your site, they will not convert over to become paying customers.

no trust

Customers don’t trust your products and services if they can't find what they expect. If you don’t build familiarity, you can’t create credibility. 

How we solve your SEO problem: 

Together we'll establish your Key Performance Indicators so we can celebrate as your SEO efforts pay off.

Specific product and service keywords that customers in your geographic trading area are searching for will be targeted to attract interested, qualified, engaged leads. 

You'll always know how you're doing with weekly reports, monthly audits, and our intuitive dashboard that shows your progress.

To be clear, the end-all, be-all objective is:
>>more search appearances
  >> more traffic
    >> more conversions
      >> more money

what's in it for you

More confidence, less confusion about your strategy; more high-fiving, less hair-pulling to get results.

Enhanced web traffic and online visibility as you climb the ranks, putting your brand in front of more qualified prospects. 

Crush your competitors as you build trust & goodwill among your common pool of clients.

Real-life reaches that turn virtual guests into productive conversations and paying customers.

gotta have it


  • All-in-one SEO dashboard
  • 1 keyword topic and 1 target location (Location of Business)
  • 7 target keywords
  • 1 piece of content writing or guest blogging (every 6 months)
  • 10+ backlinks every month
  • 5 website pages of on-page optimization
  • Website audit and SEO issues fixes
  • Google Business Profile listing advanced optimization as required
  • Website goal conversion tracking [Google Analytics]
  • SEO KPI dashboard and metrics
  • Website uptime monitoring and reporting
  • Weekly website SEO health check via crawler audit
  • Monthly SEO status reports
  • Entry-level pricing starts at $450/mo

WHy you need it

  • Increase your close rate by showing up more often when browsers are ready to become buyers. 
  • Establish local online visibility in the geography where your customers are located.
  • Track campaign progress & view performance analytics all from one place. 
  • As competition increases & algorithms update, stay on top of your listing performance & maintain search relevance. 

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I need to learn about my business

If you're tired of wasting time, energy, & money trying to attract customers you know are out there but just can't seem to reach, schedule a free 20-minute consultation to learn why your local competitors outshine you. 

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