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The Lively Co?

Small business is who we are, big business is what we are about. We get it, it's more than just a job. The work you do provides. Your products & services improve the lives of your customers. Your store creates jobs & community. Your income pays for bills & family vacations. That's what we care about. 

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What's life like with tlc?


We understand your business, we get what you’ve been through, we know how hard you worked to get here & we know how to help you improve.


We’ve been at this a while now, we know the ins and outs- but we want more than formal emails, we want relationships. 


More than anything we are committed to helping you succeed, to growing your business, and to building your reputation.

About me: 

My earliest memories are playing on the loading docks, checking my own inbox at the sales desk, and counting down the cash drawer with my dad. I even had my own uniform shirts!

Fast forward a couple of decades, and I’m still excited to be working with retailers. I have learned how to work hard, serve others, and create tools to help retailers thrive. I was raised with a smart phone in my hand and a computer in my lap, so creating websites and digital marketing strategies just comes naturally.

I built a company shaped around this knowledge & geared towards helping my customers sell more stuff online. 


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Tell us a little about yourself if you're ready to learn more. You'll be contacted within one business day so we can discuss where you're at, where you want to go, and customized solutions to get you there.

I need to learn about my business

If you're tired of wasting time, energy, & money trying to attract customers you know are out there but just can't seem to reach, schedule a free 20-minute consultation to learn why your local competitors outshine you. 

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