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What Percentage of Your Marketing Budget Should be Spent on Digital Marketing?

What Percentage of Your Marketing Budget Should be Spent on Digital Marketing?

It’s important to think about what a digital marketing budget signifies. It’s a tool that several businesses and marketers utilize on a daily basis to enhance their online visibility and, consequently, boost sales and profits. In order to address your question of “how much should I budget for digital marketing,” there are a number of solutions depending on your goals.

Several businesses are struggling with this question. They can’t comprehend what comprises an acceptable amount. Read on to learn benchmarks for your marketing budget to help you engage in effective digital marketing.


What Should You Do With Your Marketing Budget?

Here are some recommendations to assist you in focusing and prioritizing where marketing funds should be allocated:

  1. Clearly define your target audience and identify their online presence– The marketing cash should be spent there. (For instance, it wouldn’t make sense to target Snapchat or Instagram if the majority of your clients fall outside of the user demographics.
  2. List your key problems– Are there any obstacles preventing you from attaining your marketing objectives?
  3. Figure out where your competitors are investing their marketing budgets– Try doing your research on the same and gain insight.
  4. Identify the most crucial budget-required tasks- For instance, if your website needs improvement to offer better user experiences, that activity should be prioritized because there’s no point in paying money to drive visitors to a subpar website!
  5. Identify your resources- This affects what your company can reasonably take on. Do you have a digital marketing expert amongst your staff? Should you hire an agency? For marketing campaigns to be successful, research is critical.


What Percentage of Your Marketing Budget Should be Allocated to Digital Marketing?

For most organizations, digital spending makes only a small part of overall marketing spending. Businesses that depend more heavily on online sales, like e-commerce companies, allocate a larger portion of their marketing budget to digital. A balanced mix of marketing expenditures is required from more traditional organizations that rely on offline and online activity to fill the sales funnel.

Budgets for digital marketing have steadily climbed across all industries, while spending on traditional media has dropped considerably. However, there are sporadic pockets of development in traditional marketing, such as the one area of B2B product industries that is growing positively of late.


Here’s What Experts Suggest

Experts in marketing and advertising organizations frequently advise corporations to spend ideally approximately:

  • 5% of their total store revenue on advertising
  • 15-20% of their overall retail revenue on digital marketing,

The amount spent on digital marketing should be sufficient for you to accomplish your objectives. It’s crucial to continue marketing, despite the inclination to cut back on spending when things are uncertain. If you have a solid product or service that consumers want, you won’t lose money if you invest strategically in marketing.

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