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A Lively Co website is the most basic & foundational tool every business needs. Modern consumers are looking for something more trustworthy than a Facebook page, more resourceful than a Google Listing, and more accessible than a physical storefront.

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What's life like without web?


Customers are shopping and searching 24/7, long after you've closed up shop for the day. 

out of control

If you're not telling your story online, someone else will. Customers will find all the dirt before you get a chance to tell them how you shine. 


Your website should sell as much as your best salesperson. If it's not: fire it! Modern consumers want to shop at their convenience, not yours.


Businesses without a website are going out of business.*

*If you don't believe this, we're not the right match for you.

How we solve your web problem: 

We build a custom site that reflects your brand with graphic design and content to tell your story like no one else can. 

But we're not just storytellers, we're action-takers. Your online shopping cart ensures a smooth checkout experience for your custom-built products or a manufacturer's feed. 

Calls to action throughout the site guide the consumer where you want them to go, whether that's the cart, email sign up, social follows, reviews, or whatever the interwebs comes up with next. 

You'll never wonder if your website's working, we'll tell you. Site analytics, load speeds, mobile responsiveness, and all the highly technical specs are always available.  

what's in it for you

We do the heavy lifting to set up and maintain your site and guide you through the creation process. You don't have to learn code, make graphics, or figure out the complexities of e-commerce. 

Here's a little secret: your website is not about you. It's about your consumer. We approach every site build from their perspective: what are they searching for? What information do they expect to find? What checkout process is easiest for them? By meeting the consumer's expectations first, we know we'll exceed yours.

No one knows your goals, objectives, and brand like you do. And no one knows web and digital like TLC. This perfect pairing drives top-line sales. 

Your website is open for business 100% of the time, 24/7/365. It puts your sales force, merchandising team, finance office, and marketing team directly in front of your consumer at the exact moment they're in the market for your products and services.

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  • Custom & complementary graphic design
  • E-commerce set up & support
  • Proprietary software for retail pricing (industry specific exceptions apply)
  • Navigation , flow & functionality
  • Links to social accounts
  • Email marketing integrations
  • 1-1 support & onboarding
  • Dashboard access
  • Entry-level pricing begins at $250/mo with a $500 down payment & $500 due at launch
  • One-time pricing structure available upon request

WHy you need it

  • A website that wasn't built for you is what's best for you. Your customers have expectations that we can meet unlike any other provider. 
  • Maintained above & beyond the industry standard- to meet your customers standards. 
  • Optimized for mobile, because we know where you customers are. 

I need to learn about your services

Tell us a little about yourself if you're ready to learn more. You'll be contacted within one business day so we can discuss where you're at, where you want to go, and customized solutions to get you there.

I need to learn about my business

If you're tired of wasting time, energy, & money trying to attract customers you know are out there but just can't seem to reach, schedule a free 20-minute consultation to learn why your local competitors outshine you. 

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